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Thursday, November 09, 2006

RIP sweet blog

The end of my blog is upon us. I"ve realised that I like to read blogs alot more then I like to have one. I will be a constant reader of all the regulars adn you'll see my on posted comments but no more posting for me! thank you everyone who has been reading my blog:)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lossing Money at a Fundraiser...Yes It's Possible

What a long long disapointing day!We had the big art club fundraisers today at the ceramics convention in town. We were told there would be anywhere from 100-1000 ppl coming. We went out and bought hotdogs,buns, pizza, soda, bottled water, chips, and granola bars expectating to amke tons of money off these ppl coming. Art Club members donated baked goods and a local coffee shop donated the coffee. The 100-1000 ppl we were expecting ended up being about 50 ppl which resulted in us sellingno hotdogs, no pizza, no chips and no granola bars. The only thing we sold was the donated baked goods and donated coffe. Altogether we ended up being $5 in the hole. Luckily the art teacher who was organizing it felt pity on us donated $80. So I guess it ended okay but it was majoraly disapointing.

They did have workshops though so I took one where we made painted ceramic tiles. I made the Merry Christmas one to get an early start on presents. THe rabbit one someone else did but I absolutly loved it and wanted to share it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Winner!

The winner of my goodie drawing was Apron Thrift Girl. Thank you so much to everyone who posted a comment and who is reading my blog.

I did receive my package from the craft supplie swap and I absolutely love it! I of course was late sending it out, but better late then never. Pics of what I received will be posted very soon.

The crocheted mitten is coming alone slowly but surely. I made a whole mitten but it turned out absolutely horrible so I decided to start over. This is my mitten in progress.

Monday, October 23, 2006


For the last couple months now I've been an avid reader of all the classic craft blogs (Wee Wonderfuls, The Black Apple, Posie Gets Cosie, Apron Thrift Girl, It's Your Life, etc.) Every day I would rush home from school and read what my favirote crafters had been doing that day. EVen though I read their blog everyday I never posted a comment. Now that I have my own blog I realize how important comments are. They give me suggestion, help and encouragement. They also let me know if any ones reading my lonely little blog. I dont want to be posting to nobody you know! The point of my little speil is that I myself am going to try to comment more and I'm going to be having a drawing for a little goodie pack. Whoever posts a comment on this post or any other post until late tuesday evening will be entered into a drawing to win the goodie basket. The prize will include things from It's Your Life, vintage fabric and japanese goods. The point of this drawing is for me to see if anyone is reading my blog and to encourage people to post comments.

This coming thursday and friday a HUGE ceramic convention is coming to my school. It's called Bruce's Buddies. Has anyone heard of it. Aparently alot of big name ceramic artists are comeing to give demonstrations, give speeches and display there art. Art Club will sell food all day there so hopefully I'll have a lot of pictures to share.

As I go I'll leave you with a funny picture of my boy George. Yes, my 80 plus pound dog insists on siting and sleeping on my moms and my lap. One of the many reasons why I love him so so so much. The other day Posie Get's Cosie posted about her doggie and everything she said rang true. It;s nice to know that's theres people out there who love there dog as much as I love mine!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rainy Day

It seems that I've been V busy lately . ACT prep class, my mitten class, school, work and looking at colleges. On the college front I've been looking at University of Wisconsin Madison, Marquette in Milwaukee and Loyola in Chicago.

I've realized since starting my etsy shop that all the money I make ends up going back into etsy when I buy stuff. I'm trying to sell more stuff so I can buy all the Black Apple goods I'm lusting over. I keep trying to tell my self that Christmas is comeing but I have a feeling I'm going to cave pretty soon.

Here's some pics from homecoming last weekend.........

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Great Thrift Day

What a great thrifting day it was today! I went with my mom and neighbor to a new store that was amazing. I found this great coffee cup just like the one Alicia(Posie Get's Cozy) has. How cool is that.
I also found this amazing vintage owl platter. I dont know what I'm going to use it for but it will find a place somewhere. Last but not least is my favirote thrifting find ever. I got a set of these four pictures. Each one is a different little girl with wonderful big eyes. They're all done by the same artist but when I google the name nothing came up. It looks like the artists name is something along the lines of fellarda , fallerda, fallarda or follorda. Something along those lines but it's very hard to tell. If anyone has any information on the artist please let me know. I'm very interested.
I really love the girl above and I have the perfect spot for her. I'm not so sure about the rest of them. They might be going to the shop.

Thats all for now have a great rest of your Saturday. My mom and I are on are way to a great chinese resturant for some sizzeling shrimp rice soup.

Friday, October 13, 2006

More Buttons

I've been a busy little bee trying to get buttons ready for the holiday season. I want to give each person a couple with their main present so I've been trying to think neat holiday ones to make. So far I've made about twenty of these cool santa/gnome buttons made out of a vintage magazine. I listed a couple in my shop if you like what you see! I also have a set of vintage pins called "Desperate Housewives" because its five pins of woman cleaning.

I've also been busy looking for a new sewing machine for my birthday. The one I have is so so so old and is a werid yellow color. I cant even tell if it came yellow or if like newspapers it just turned yellow with age.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Look What I Bought!

I'm alive I swear! It was homecoming week at my school so I wasnt home very much. I did want to share with you this super great tote I bought form It's Your Life. I cant wait to get it!

On another note my shop is updated with new buttons and new japanese fabric. Go check it out!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Craft Swap

I'm getting more excited about the craft swap organized by ThriftyGoodnees AKA Rebecca. I've slowly been gathering and so far I have these items to send to some lucky crafter. I still need to search my dads house so the pile will probably end up doubling. My gigantic pile included yarn, vintage fabric, stickers, stamps and scrapbooking items( eyelets, embellishments...). I'm hoping to get some cool vintage fabric to use for my quilt, vintage paper to use for my button maker, or anything Japanese. Visit Thriftygoodness and sign up!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My WIP for the day is my self portrait that I have slowly diligently been working on. I'm going to have to kick things into gear this week because it's due Friday. Wish me luck on finishing it because it has taken me 3 weeks to do this much dn I'm only about half way done.

My crocheted mitten class starts tonight and I'm very very excited! I got some great Manos del Uruguay yarn in wildflower. I'll keep you updated on their progress as I get moving on them.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I love to read. I mean that I really really love to read. During the summer I usually read about 3 books a week. Unfortunately during the school year I'm lucky to read one a month because I'm so busy with school. I decided I would start reviewing books when I don't have much to share about my life.

My all time favorite author is Jodi Picoult. All her books deal with interesting controversial topics that are woven into a mystery of some sort. I wouldn't really call it a mystery it's just that there's always a huge surpriseing twist at the end.

My Sister's keeper is one of my favorites. Its about two girls who are sisters. Seems simple enough, right? The twist is that one sister was born with leukemia and the another sister was specialialy made to be an exact genetic match to her sister so she could provide blood and other organs. As the sister gets older she sues her parents for medical emancipication so she no longer has to dontate her organs. Read this book for a great twist at the end.

P.S- Anyone notice the great stuff the Black Apple is making. My birthday is coming up and my list keeps growing.

P.P.S- Remember to sign up for the craft supply swap!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Sow's Ear

For about a year and a half now I have worked at a little knitting and coffee shop called The Sow's Ear. It's a great place to work and I absolutely love it. We have a huge selection of yarn and many different classes so it's hard to not learn how to knit. I took my first knitting class this summer and this week I'm taking a mitten class. I wanted to share a few pictures with you because it's such a cute place.

This is the main dining room. The whole building is an old victorian house ,on main street, that was converted to apartments and The Sow's Ear. The Sow's Ear has gotten so popular that we had to rent an apartment upstairs to use as a second dining room because it gets so busy here during the winter months.
This is just a little corner filled with yarn. It seems like yarn is spilling out from every nook and crany because we have so much.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great Monday.

P.P.S Did anyone notice The Black Apple's new mini books. Aren't they wonderful! What is the Black Apple's name. I read her blog every day and it seems weird that I don't know her name.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Thrill of the Hunt

Do you ever get that feeling right before you go thrifting that the worlds your oyster and you know that there's a great find out there waiting to be found? I call this feeling; the thrill of the hunt. Know what I'm talking about....Can you feel it too? All week I have been looking forward to today because my mom and I were going to go estate sale thrifting. I had never been to one but my mom goes all the time and always finds great stuff. I got up extra early with the thrill of the hunt running through me. I rushed to the corner gasstation to get the paper to see what estate sales where going on today. There was only one estate sale listed. One measly tiny estate sale. We went anyway and surprise of surprises there was nothing at all. It was very very disappointing. We ended up falling back on goodwill (the old standby). Boy did they have great stuff today. Like so many crafty thrifters out there I do the thrift store dash. First I race to the linen section and madly search through everything . Then I slowly work my way over to the blankets and quilts, then household items, then books. Today I didn't find much in the linen section so I thought I would just bypass the blanket/quilts section. As I was doing my second loop to make sure I hadn't missed anything I noticed a woman looking a a vintage white coverlet for a bed. It looked like it was in perfect shape and it had adorable little white pom pom balls all along the edge. As she looked at it I sent her death glares trying to telepathically tell her to put it down and walk away. My powers failed me today because SHE TOOK IT AND WALKED AWAY. I ended up following her around the store for the next half hour hoping that she would change her find and put it down. Once she even left it in her cart and walked away to look at purses. While her back was turned I so wanted to just grab that baby and run. Unfotuently my sane side won and I calmly walked away. Cursing inside though I might add. I did end up with these great finds though. They are nowhere near as amazing as the blanket was. I'm still sobbing inside:(

I got this great vintage wallpaper trim. It's these great little vintage bunnies and their little mushroom homes. I think I'm going to do what another blogger did( I cant remember who's blog it was). She took on old clemintine orange crate and glued on vintage wallpaper boarder around it. I'm going to attempt to do the same and see how it turns out.

My button machine is practilcaly steaming with use. I never stops working. I made these buttons out of vintage wrapping paper. I'm trying to decide whither or not I should sell them on my etsy shop. Opinions anyone?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little Miracles and Sweet Treasures

Yesterday my mom noticed gourds intertwined with are hastas. Miracles of miracles we seem to have a gourd plant growing in our backyard.

Our house is relatively new for us. We moved in about a year ago and have never noticed a gourd plant before. Did a little bird drop a seed that took root and grow or was it a little gift form above to bring joy to our day. We ended up collecting about ten little gourds that are residing on our mantle. On the subject of miracles and little gifts, over the summer this plant started to grow in the crack our sidewalk and has been flourishing. I guess little gifts are everywhere.

In class today we had to write down two careers were interested in so we can be set up with a mentor. How do I write that when I want to grow up I want to be a stay at home mom who is an artist. I'm so inspired by the likes of Soulemama, Hillary from Wee Wonderfuls, Ppsie gets Cosie and all the other great craft bloggers I have meet over the internet. Since stay at home crafting mama wasn't an option I decided on art teacher or biologist/biochemist. Complete and total opposite jobs but I'm definitely interested in both.

I'm becoming more and more and more excited for the craft swap organized by Rebecca slowly starting a pile of stuff. It includes scrapbooknig stuff, card making supplies, stamps, yarn and some great vintage fabric. If it goes well maybe I'll try organizing a Christmas secret Santa craft swap.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Button Maker

My button maker came and its absolutly wonderful. I had been saving some vintage ads and paper goods for when the day finally arrived. I made this set of 6 minus the burger one. I'm going to call it Desperate Housewives and Desperate Ken. It will probably end up an my etsy shop someday after paypal starts working. Can anyone give me any suggestions for taking pics of pins. They reflect light so its inpossible to take a picture.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Little Corner of the Universe

My little corner of the universe. Full of flowers and gnomes....what more could you ask for? The flowers are actually wallpaper flowers that I got on clearnece for $3.00 at Target. They match my bed perfectly. The gnomes are actually crocheted by a gal on etsy. Once again etsy comes through.

Super buzzy got some great new trim in and of course I'm loving the hedgehog one. I'm trying to control myself though because I finally caved and bought a button maker off of ebay. I ended up being $150.00 but it came with 500 buttons so it was a pretty good deal. It's offical I want to kill paypal. It's such a pain to go through my moms account because everyday I have to call her to see if a transaction went through. For gods sake I want my own account!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Fast Weekend

I haven't abandoned you guys. I promise! It's just been insanely busy with ACT prep class, school, work, sending out fabric and of course thrifting. I'm also doing intramural volleyball at school. Since I'm so darn crafty I tie dyed the t'shirts then we all wrote on them"don't hate us, cause you aint us". I know so ghetto:) I'm the one in the middle with the blonde hair and no writing on my shirt( you haven't ever seen a pic of me have you?)

I'm planning on ordering some more Japanese fabric for my shop sometime soon but everythings messed up with paypal. I tried to set up my own account but since I don't have a credit card I had to use my moms credit card. But since she used that credit card on her own paypal account I cant use it on mine. So for now all my transactions are going through my mom.

I tried to go thrifting this weekend but I'm dependent on other people to drive me so I could only go to one place and it ended up being closed. I do have my own car but it's a stick and I hate it with a passion. DYE STICK DYE!!!.

I dont know if you've heard of the glitter workshop but its a crafting store on the internet. I just found out that their store is in the same town I live in. I had never even thought to see where they were located. I ended up controlling myself and only got this super cute cupcake keychain.

That's all for now, off to watch desperate housewives and get ready for going back to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sweet George Wednesday

Rebecca AKA Thriftygoodness asked for a pic of my boy(sweetgeorge) and I realised that I had never posted one before. My whole blog is named after him and no one even knows who he is. While I'm on the subject of Rebecca, she is organizing a craft supply trade at her blog Thriftygoodness. I'am defiently participating who wouldnt want to get new supplies for some of their old unused ones. If you wnat to sign up go to her blog.

Another cold day here and the day started out as uter crap. I had just finished taking a shower and geting dressed. I walked up stairs to get my backpack ready and I walked right into a pile of peee. My stepmoms puppy Bailey isnt house broken yet and i managed to step right into her puddle of pee. So back into the shower I went and by that time im completly late for school and without my math homework. For having such a crappy morning the rest of the day turned out pretty good.

Since I'm a total crafty geek I have an afternoon ritual of comeing home straight after school nad going straight upstairs and checking my favirote crafting blogs (the bacl apple, wee wonderfuls, it's your life, thriftgoodness, soule mama, thimble, vacuming in high heels and pearls and last but not least little birds) All day i look forward to coming home and reading about everyones crafting adventures for the day.

I defiently need to buy a button maker. I dream about button makers thats how much I want one. I found a nice 2 1/2" one on ebay that comes with 500 buttons for about $150. I know its alot but I've been saving and I deserve a treat once in a while.....right?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cold Cold Cold Tuesday

I finally finished my bulletin board. It started out as a plain old yellow board, I then painted it and added the flower and the planets. It's already gotten covered in pictures and paintings. I think it turned out really really great!

I've realized that I havent really told you guys anything about myself, so here it goes.....My names Jordan( you've probably figured that out by now) I'm 16 years old and living and going to school in Madison, Wisconsin. I have my dog George( hence the name sweetgeorge), a mother (sue), a father (mike) and a step mom and dad.....oppsss I forgot about my brother zach who is 25 and living in Arizona. I love to thrift, craft and cook as the name states. I'm pretty new to thrifting but I love itr already!!!! I usually look for vintage fabrics and nick nacks. When I have extras of my vintage fabric they get sold on my etsy shop. I am incredibly in LOVE with etsy. I spend hours and hours just looking at everyones amazing arts and craft. My favirotes are It's Your Life, Pinkytoast and The Black Apple.

It was so so so cold here today and I have a cold which made it horrible. Of course since I'm sick and it's cold out we had to run the mile in gym today. For my age I'm pretty skinny but I'm the most unathletic perosn ever. I'm the one runing in the WAY back with all the fat kids. Ohhh the joys of high school. Tonight is Gilmore Girls so at least I have something to look forward too:)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just wanted to post an update aabout my store(www.sweetgeorge.etsy.com). I want to get my fabrics a movin' and they just dont seem to be flying of the shelves:(. So for the first sold item the buyer gets FREE SHIPING, GOODIES, EXTRA FABRIC. I dont know why i feel the need to use caps but it might be because I'm so EXCITED.
I was looking on ebay once again lusting over all things japanese. Come on who wouldnt want a vute hello kitty bento box. I sure would thats for sure. What I absolutly loved was the japanese craft book especially this one. I really want to learn how to felt and I would love to learn how to felt old sweaters.

Fall is in the Air

First art club meeting for the year which is very exciting. A big ceramics show is coming to the high school in october and art club is going to sell pizza,chips and soda. We're aiming to raise $500, which would help us get the lusted after button maker. I was thinking that for meeting we could do shrinky dinks. I've never done them before but they look like a ton of fun.
I'm busy working on my first quilt ever! I had all these great new and vintage fabrics to use and I thought a quilt would be a great thing to make with them. I'm using some aranzi aronzo bunny print and puppy print and some vintage bunny and flowerd fabric. I'll post some pics when it starts to come along.
I'm really looking forward to the wee wonderfuls new stichenettes. They look like so much fun. I wish i had heard about the old ones before they were sold out because i defiently would have bought one.
On a super fun note....Gilmore Girls the 6th season comes out tomoorrow. whoot whoot......so excited.