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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Fast Weekend

I haven't abandoned you guys. I promise! It's just been insanely busy with ACT prep class, school, work, sending out fabric and of course thrifting. I'm also doing intramural volleyball at school. Since I'm so darn crafty I tie dyed the t'shirts then we all wrote on them"don't hate us, cause you aint us". I know so ghetto:) I'm the one in the middle with the blonde hair and no writing on my shirt( you haven't ever seen a pic of me have you?)

I'm planning on ordering some more Japanese fabric for my shop sometime soon but everythings messed up with paypal. I tried to set up my own account but since I don't have a credit card I had to use my moms credit card. But since she used that credit card on her own paypal account I cant use it on mine. So for now all my transactions are going through my mom.

I tried to go thrifting this weekend but I'm dependent on other people to drive me so I could only go to one place and it ended up being closed. I do have my own car but it's a stick and I hate it with a passion. DYE STICK DYE!!!.

I dont know if you've heard of the glitter workshop but its a crafting store on the internet. I just found out that their store is in the same town I live in. I had never even thought to see where they were located. I ended up controlling myself and only got this super cute cupcake keychain.

That's all for now, off to watch desperate housewives and get ready for going back to school tomorrow.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Good luck with volley ball! You did a great job on the shirts. :)


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