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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Aranzi Aronzo Package

My aranzi aronzo package came today and i couldnt be more excited:) they have the greatest collection of japanese fabric and postcards. They're located in Japan so the shiping cost was HUGE! I think it was about $20 for my stuff.

The book is a book of 50 super cute japanese postcards that I cant wait to use! The two tins are for anything and the little bunny key chain seems to want to go on my backpack.
This picture of the fabrics turned out kind of crappy and fuzzy....not sure why:/. The Dark brown one is monkeys with bananas, the pink one is cute little bunnies and the tan one is cute little scottie dogs that are froliking. Im not so crazy about the monkies so they may be off to my
etsy shop.

P.S. Does anyone know when kitty-craft is going to reopen? I havent ever bought anything there but I've seen fabric people have got and its AMAZING! I would kill to get my hands on some of that hedgehog fabric. Lmk if you know when its going to open or if you know any other good japanese like fabric sites.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger nico said...

gawd i know i keep checking myself... so many orders for that fabric. its a hot one.!

hi '-'/ thanks for checking my blog! im reading yours now :D


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