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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Art Club Ideas

I love my new little table it just screams shabby sheek to me. I'm thinking a fresh coat of paint might make it a little nicer but my mom likes the worn look. My mom found this table at a grage sale for $5. The peice of glass would cost that much alone if you bought it in a regular store. The little lamp was also thrifted for $3, you can't really tell but the lamp has little cream flowers all over it. My mom got the old window from someone at work for free! She bought the dried flowers then glued them into it. I love how it turned out. Is it obvious or what that I got my crafting talent from my mom.

On to a more geeker note. I'm president of my high school's art club. I know I am the geekest crafter girl alive. One of my duties is to plan the activities for each meeting and so far we're planing on doing tye die, silk painting, shrinky dinks, and bottle cap jewerly. I still have to think of about 3 more...can any one help me, i really need some ideas! I'm hoping that if we raise enough money at our next fundriaser we will be able to buy a nice botton maker.I cant wait!

I've been surfing ebay and my wish list is growing and growing so far it includes...
-hedgehog fabric
-cute japanese fabric
-a blythe doll(i know im crazy...they're so expensive!)
-bunny fabric
-black apple anything
-pinky toast anything
-an it's your life hedgehog pouch

I really want to do a trade with someone sometime. They look like so much fun from what other crafters have said. If anyone wants to trade with me check out my etsy store and see if you like anything www.sweetgeorge.etsy.com


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Sarah and Jack said...

Have you looked at craftster for other crafting ideas for your art club? You could make something with felt, make glass marble magnets, do some kind of decoupage, do a collage project, etc.

At 5:48 AM, Blogger SweetGeorge said...

Ohhhhhhh........ that would be great!


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