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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cold Cold Cold Tuesday

I finally finished my bulletin board. It started out as a plain old yellow board, I then painted it and added the flower and the planets. It's already gotten covered in pictures and paintings. I think it turned out really really great!

I've realized that I havent really told you guys anything about myself, so here it goes.....My names Jordan( you've probably figured that out by now) I'm 16 years old and living and going to school in Madison, Wisconsin. I have my dog George( hence the name sweetgeorge), a mother (sue), a father (mike) and a step mom and dad.....oppsss I forgot about my brother zach who is 25 and living in Arizona. I love to thrift, craft and cook as the name states. I'm pretty new to thrifting but I love itr already!!!! I usually look for vintage fabrics and nick nacks. When I have extras of my vintage fabric they get sold on my etsy shop. I am incredibly in LOVE with etsy. I spend hours and hours just looking at everyones amazing arts and craft. My favirotes are It's Your Life, Pinkytoast and The Black Apple.

It was so so so cold here today and I have a cold which made it horrible. Of course since I'm sick and it's cold out we had to run the mile in gym today. For my age I'm pretty skinny but I'm the most unathletic perosn ever. I'm the one runing in the WAY back with all the fat kids. Ohhh the joys of high school. Tonight is Gilmore Girls so at least I have something to look forward too:)


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I love your board! You really did a great job. :) And not to sound like an old lady (I am only 33 after all) but it's so nice to "meet" a girl your age who is into vintage things and crafts. Okay, I TOTALLY sounded like an old lady. :) Keep up the good work!

PS - post a picture of Sweet George!


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