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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fabric Saturday

My mom and I went thrifting once again:). I can usually find great fabric at goodwill but today there was nothing, which was disapointing. We do have a great vintage store in my town but its extremlely overpriced. They always have great stuff though so i still end up geting alot but I end up spending a ton more.I got this great patio snack set(thats what the box called it). It had four matching sets of dishes and cups. I really love the 50's design

I got two of these great vintage fabric peices so one will probably go up on my etsy shop.
You can't really see the design but it's the little old lady who lived in a shoe fabric. Its a really nice cotten blend
This is my all time favirote find ever!!! It's a roll of fabric that you were supposed to cut and use to clean with. It looks like its from the 50's. I think I'm going to use it for a bag or for a quilt, but since theres so much some will probably go to my etsy shop.


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