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Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall is in the Air

First art club meeting for the year which is very exciting. A big ceramics show is coming to the high school in october and art club is going to sell pizza,chips and soda. We're aiming to raise $500, which would help us get the lusted after button maker. I was thinking that for meeting we could do shrinky dinks. I've never done them before but they look like a ton of fun.
I'm busy working on my first quilt ever! I had all these great new and vintage fabrics to use and I thought a quilt would be a great thing to make with them. I'm using some aranzi aronzo bunny print and puppy print and some vintage bunny and flowerd fabric. I'll post some pics when it starts to come along.
I'm really looking forward to the wee wonderfuls new stichenettes. They look like so much fun. I wish i had heard about the old ones before they were sold out because i defiently would have bought one.
On a super fun note....Gilmore Girls the 6th season comes out tomoorrow. whoot whoot......so excited.


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