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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little Miracles and Sweet Treasures

Yesterday my mom noticed gourds intertwined with are hastas. Miracles of miracles we seem to have a gourd plant growing in our backyard.

Our house is relatively new for us. We moved in about a year ago and have never noticed a gourd plant before. Did a little bird drop a seed that took root and grow or was it a little gift form above to bring joy to our day. We ended up collecting about ten little gourds that are residing on our mantle. On the subject of miracles and little gifts, over the summer this plant started to grow in the crack our sidewalk and has been flourishing. I guess little gifts are everywhere.

In class today we had to write down two careers were interested in so we can be set up with a mentor. How do I write that when I want to grow up I want to be a stay at home mom who is an artist. I'm so inspired by the likes of Soulemama, Hillary from Wee Wonderfuls, Ppsie gets Cosie and all the other great craft bloggers I have meet over the internet. Since stay at home crafting mama wasn't an option I decided on art teacher or biologist/biochemist. Complete and total opposite jobs but I'm definitely interested in both.

I'm becoming more and more and more excited for the craft swap organized by Rebecca slowly starting a pile of stuff. It includes scrapbooknig stuff, card making supplies, stamps, yarn and some great vintage fabric. If it goes well maybe I'll try organizing a Christmas secret Santa craft swap.


At 6:25 AM, Blogger Heidi said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful post! You can be whatever you want when you grow up! And even after you grow up! Although I would give this advice (which my mother gave to me): Be sure to have some way to support yourself. It's not good for women to be completely financially dependent on their husbands. You should have a work history and skills so that you could support yourself and your family if something horrible happened and you were no longer married. Working in the world can be wonderful. And then working from home can be too! (I hope to do the latter soon). Unfortunately being a parent is not paid work (or valued) in our culture. Although being an artist is (even if the pay isn't that great). Why is that so? Now that might make a good homework assignment!

At 12:39 PM, Blogger SweetGeorge said...

Thank you so much. I definetly agree with you about not be financially dependent. I've started to read your blog and its excellent!


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