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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sweet George Wednesday

Rebecca AKA Thriftygoodness asked for a pic of my boy(sweetgeorge) and I realised that I had never posted one before. My whole blog is named after him and no one even knows who he is. While I'm on the subject of Rebecca, she is organizing a craft supply trade at her blog Thriftygoodness. I'am defiently participating who wouldnt want to get new supplies for some of their old unused ones. If you wnat to sign up go to her blog.

Another cold day here and the day started out as uter crap. I had just finished taking a shower and geting dressed. I walked up stairs to get my backpack ready and I walked right into a pile of peee. My stepmoms puppy Bailey isnt house broken yet and i managed to step right into her puddle of pee. So back into the shower I went and by that time im completly late for school and without my math homework. For having such a crappy morning the rest of the day turned out pretty good.

Since I'm a total crafty geek I have an afternoon ritual of comeing home straight after school nad going straight upstairs and checking my favirote crafting blogs (the bacl apple, wee wonderfuls, it's your life, thriftgoodness, soule mama, thimble, vacuming in high heels and pearls and last but not least little birds) All day i look forward to coming home and reading about everyones crafting adventures for the day.

I defiently need to buy a button maker. I dream about button makers thats how much I want one. I found a nice 2 1/2" one on ebay that comes with 500 buttons for about $150. I know its alot but I've been saving and I deserve a treat once in a while.....right?


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I think you definately deserve a treat once in awhile. Just shop around for the best deal! (I am thrifty goodness after all). Thanks for posting the pic of Sweet George. He is very sweet! What a wonderful face and I bet he is very soft. :)


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