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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Thrill of the Hunt

Do you ever get that feeling right before you go thrifting that the worlds your oyster and you know that there's a great find out there waiting to be found? I call this feeling; the thrill of the hunt. Know what I'm talking about....Can you feel it too? All week I have been looking forward to today because my mom and I were going to go estate sale thrifting. I had never been to one but my mom goes all the time and always finds great stuff. I got up extra early with the thrill of the hunt running through me. I rushed to the corner gasstation to get the paper to see what estate sales where going on today. There was only one estate sale listed. One measly tiny estate sale. We went anyway and surprise of surprises there was nothing at all. It was very very disappointing. We ended up falling back on goodwill (the old standby). Boy did they have great stuff today. Like so many crafty thrifters out there I do the thrift store dash. First I race to the linen section and madly search through everything . Then I slowly work my way over to the blankets and quilts, then household items, then books. Today I didn't find much in the linen section so I thought I would just bypass the blanket/quilts section. As I was doing my second loop to make sure I hadn't missed anything I noticed a woman looking a a vintage white coverlet for a bed. It looked like it was in perfect shape and it had adorable little white pom pom balls all along the edge. As she looked at it I sent her death glares trying to telepathically tell her to put it down and walk away. My powers failed me today because SHE TOOK IT AND WALKED AWAY. I ended up following her around the store for the next half hour hoping that she would change her find and put it down. Once she even left it in her cart and walked away to look at purses. While her back was turned I so wanted to just grab that baby and run. Unfotuently my sane side won and I calmly walked away. Cursing inside though I might add. I did end up with these great finds though. They are nowhere near as amazing as the blanket was. I'm still sobbing inside:(

I got this great vintage wallpaper trim. It's these great little vintage bunnies and their little mushroom homes. I think I'm going to do what another blogger did( I cant remember who's blog it was). She took on old clemintine orange crate and glued on vintage wallpaper boarder around it. I'm going to attempt to do the same and see how it turns out.

My button machine is practilcaly steaming with use. I never stops working. I made these buttons out of vintage wrapping paper. I'm trying to decide whither or not I should sell them on my etsy shop. Opinions anyone?


At 11:32 AM, Blogger Sarah and Jack said...

I swear that almost every time I get excited about going junking, it fails me. It is far better to wake up with your nastiest attitude, be running at least an hour late, get lost 3 times on the way, and THEN, and only then, you will stumble on something terrific. (That you weren't even heading for in the first place!)

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Apron Thrift Girl said...

Those buttons are so lovely. I've had my eye on a button machine for awhile but I still haven't come across one. Can you make them with fabric?


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