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Monday, October 02, 2006

I love to read. I mean that I really really love to read. During the summer I usually read about 3 books a week. Unfortunately during the school year I'm lucky to read one a month because I'm so busy with school. I decided I would start reviewing books when I don't have much to share about my life.

My all time favorite author is Jodi Picoult. All her books deal with interesting controversial topics that are woven into a mystery of some sort. I wouldn't really call it a mystery it's just that there's always a huge surpriseing twist at the end.

My Sister's keeper is one of my favorites. Its about two girls who are sisters. Seems simple enough, right? The twist is that one sister was born with leukemia and the another sister was specialialy made to be an exact genetic match to her sister so she could provide blood and other organs. As the sister gets older she sues her parents for medical emancipication so she no longer has to dontate her organs. Read this book for a great twist at the end.

P.S- Anyone notice the great stuff the Black Apple is making. My birthday is coming up and my list keeps growing.

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